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This week’s roundup explores a converged IT infrastructure offering called Vblock. Vblock is a converged infrastructure solution from company VCE, which is a joint venture between Cisco and EMC with additional investments from VMware and Intel. There are so many solutions on the market and it’s hard to know which is best for your organization. Today, let’s see what our real users are saying about Vblock from VCE. Here are a few highlights direct from IT Central Station:

Gareth Lloyd, an infrastructure expert at a financial services firm gave a very thorough expert review of Vblock. His review entitled “1st Year in Review – pre-sales vs. reality” has gotten


hundreds of views recently and and generated a lot of comments. Eric Dirst was thankful, saying that Gareth’s review will help greatly in their evaluation of the product. Gareth’s review also garnered comments from a VCE employee, Trevor Roberts Jr. Roberts went on to defend some of the cons described by Gareth in his review, yet was thankful for this honest feedback of the Vblock system.

User vtwindude, an infrastructure expert for a pharmacology/biotechnology company gave Vblock four stars. He says: “Designed to make IT life simpler (infrastructure framework) and more cost effective (an appliance) for an organization.” The comments on this review was mainly to answer his concern about lack of central management, which user vcloudso5856 answered.

Laura Mattingly, an IT senior manager for an energy/utilities company gave it also 4 stars. She says: “I would recommend Vblock for a VDI solution”. Eric Dirst commented on her review by aski
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