The Weekly Roundup – VMware ESXi

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weekly-roundupThis week’s roundup explores server virtualization software. Let’s find out what people are saying about VMware ESXi, a free enterprise-level server virtualization product offered by VMware. Here are a few highlights:

  • lasso says: “[It is the] most usable hypervisor in the industry. It’s well documented, really simple and quick to set up.”
  • RonSNunes says: “ESXi has one major benefit that outweighs the others; IT’S FREE! The only issues I have with ESXi is that it is console (CLI) based…some people might now want to configure a high availability virtual machine server via the Command Line.”
  • sys_admin says: “Virtualization has made datacenter operations easier. As a sysadmin, managing multiple hosts is more simple and flexible with VMware ESXi. Running multiple hosts, operations systems on a single host makes it more efficient and saves costs. ESXi also allows you to pool the resources of several machines effectively, thereby helping to run the application smoothly without hassles.”
  • Francis Lee Mondia says: “[There is] no central management of other ESXi servers, each one needs to be logged-in individually if you have multiple servers.”

VMware ESXi was awarded 4.5 stars by real users. Click here to see what else people are saying about VMware ESXi and share your thoughts.

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