Top BI Comparisons of 2015

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The 2015 year definitely shined on many vendors who provide business intelligence (BI) software and solutions to most fortune 500 and 100 enterprises.Graph

The following list shows us the top BI vendor comparisons for 2015 with the most activity on IT Central Station—what users are talking about, reviewing, recommending, and of course providing some constructive criticism:

  1. Pentaho vs. Tableau

These awesome comparisons are product of crowd-sourced social media at the IT vendor enterprise level. Just as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor and other mainstream social community sites do, IT Central Station provides the real-user perspective that is not laced with vendor marketing spin.

Vendors are definitely key participants on the site but they have been identified and disclosed and all real users have been verified through LinkedIn so there’s no hanky panky on the review pages.

You can play a role in what’s going on with BI vendors:

  • For real users, go to this BI Vendor page to get started.
  • For vendors, go to this vendor information page to get started.

Be a part of what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for Enterprise IT.”


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