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How to Become a Top Reviewer on IT Central Station

Each category on IT Central Station includes a list of our Top Reviewers as shown here:

Oracle Top Review

Top Reviewers on IT Central Station take the time to write authentic reviews that provide a real user perspective—adding value to our community of enterprise tech decision makers. As a result, we give them special recognition and they are eligible for monthly prizes.

How can you become a top reviewer? It’s easy!

  • Write a high quality review
  • Write more than one review
  • Include a photo in your profile. (If you want to remain anonymous you can add an avatar instead of your own picture.)

Become a Top Reviewer and enhance your professional position as a leader at IT Central Station.

Here are the two options for writing a review:

Option 1: Write a Review—Choose a product and press the Write a Review button. Watch our 1-minute video to see how easy it is.

Option 2: Submit an Expert ReviewThese are longer reviews that are at least 400-600 words in length, and may include screenshots or other images. We profile Expert Reviews at the top of the page for that product and also profile them on our home page. See an example here.

You don’t need any certification to write an Expert Review! Just send your review to

Please let us know your questions and comments any time!



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