Top 10 Talent Management Solutions Q1 2017- According to Real Users

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Our users have ranked their solutions according to their valuable features, and have also discussed where they see room for improvement. You can read user reviews for the top 10 Talent Management solutions here, to help you decide which solution is best for you.

Users compare and give feedback on the Talent Management tools that they’ve used — based on product reviews, ratings, and comparisons.

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#1 PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is ranked as the number one solution in talent management by our users during Q1 2017.

“It is strong in business processes and technology”, writes Rama Chunduri. “The technology is open-ended. The user interface is much more stable and really robust. The strength of PeopleSoft is that the business processes are solid.”

This Senior IT Solution Supervisor shares that he’d “like to have a dashboard on a mobile app where I can check the health of all the servers and middleware, where I can get alert notifications if there are any critical services going or not going up at all.”

#2 IBM Kenexa

IT Central Station users rank IBM Kenexa as the number two talent management solution of Q1 2017.

Jeff Wellstead describes that “Of all the current talent analytics offerings on the market today, IBM Kenexa Talent Insights is the most comprehensive end-to-end, data-agnostic analytics tool.

It has instant infographic and dynamic dashboarding capabilities. You can literally click, drag and drop a massive data set into the tool, wait about 3-10 seconds, and suddenly be looking at 10 instantly relevant data analytics cases.”

Angela Scalpello shares that “The team didn’t find the reporting tool that easy to use, in terms of pulling their own data, slicing and dicing it, combining groups. Some of them did, but for the most part, it felt like a bridge too far.”

#3 Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is ranked as the number three solution in talent management by our users in Q1 2017.

Learning management and reporting are the most valuable features” writes Rui Brandao.

He continues to describe that how “Its flexibility allows different configurations for different areas of the company while keeping it all together. Reporting and data delivered to the end user are also much improved over our previous reality.”

Brandao then adds that “There is always room for improvement. I would like to see improvement in notification management and administration.”

#4 SAP SuccessFactors

IT Central Station users rank SAP SuccessFactors as the number four talent management solution of Q1 2017.

Liat Oren Wachs describes that “Everything in the product is most valuable to us. The flexibility of working with so many types of forms in one platform and also the ability to define different eligible populations for any process are extremely helpful features.”

Wachs also suggests that “There should be a single mechanism to manage forms, i.e., to create a template/forms, change/route etc.

There is also need for role-based permissions and the ability to add filters in the compensation form.”

#5 Workday

Workday is ranked as the number five solution of Q1 2017.

This VP Information Technology shares that “Workday, for us, is the tip of the spear for so much of what we do downstream…

The API’s have enabled us to really deliver reliable automation to the company. This isn’t just critical, because we can create ease of use, though that is really nice.

Reliable, auditable integration has reduced the complexity and cost of our ongoing audits. Users get the access they need, when they need it, and it is removed when we need it removed.”

Harrison Jacob also shares that Workday is “great for operational / detailed reporting and some low-level analytics, but for heavy-duty analysis against large data sets, I find it’s a bit lacking.”


IT Central Station users rank SAP HCM as the number six talent management solution of Q1 2017.

Alessandra Balduzzi describes that because SAP HCM’s valuable features entail “integration with all business processes, standard features, flexibility in configuration, and full scalability, Integration Information systems between different business processes allows in my opinion the increase of efficiency in the organization.”

At the same time, Balduzzi continues, improvement could be made in the “graphic interface and usability for end users…Nowadays, people are used to web interfaces, user-friendly screens, and rapid deployment functionalities. A different way of using the system in my opinion could avoid the thought that this system is not up-to-date.”

#7 BambooHR

BambooHR is ranked as the number seven solution of Q1 2017.

Anna Pearson shares that “We use BambooHR to store our HR files and it’s incredibly helpful having all HR information in one place as a quick reference tool.

There is a great variety of customization available; as an international company I really appreciate that I can adjust lists (onboarding and public holidays for example) to be unique for each country/office in question.”

“I would like to see some improvements with custom reports and signature templates”, writes Sara Schmidt, specifying that “I am finding I have to export and filter things out I don’t need. I would also like to be able to put a date range on my custom reports.”

#8 Oracle Taleo

IT Central Station users rank Oracle Taleo as the number eight talent management solution of Q1 2017.

This Senior Manager of Oracle Applications Support identifies “recruiting” as one of Oracle Taleo’s most valuable features. He describes that “Putting the requisitions through takes around 5 minutes at the most. If you know you have the job description ready, just plug it in.”

For room for improvement, Jon Ander Ortiz Martinez shares that “Although I know that the Oracle Development team is working on it for next releases, there are certain areas where functionality could be improved in the Learning Module (better integration with the other modules, and in terms of reporting).”

#9 PageUp People

PageUp People is ranked as the number nine solution of Q1 2017.

A Senior People Systems Administrator describes that “it has a user-friendly interface in managing job requisitions for the end user.

Another valuable feature is the online PageUp guy to whom we can always ask in regards to configuration matters.”

Magdaline Pothitos suggests that “reporting could be improved…we have experienced some difficulty in trying to automate some fairly standard reports to be sent out to our hiring areas regarding current recruitment in their respective areas.”

#10 Saba Cloud

IT Central Station users rank Saba Cloud as the number 10 talent management solution of Q1 2017.

One user writes that “Features such as the auto waitlist, prescriptive rules, and team approvals are the most valuable” in Saba Cloud.

This user then adds that “They can make it more simple in terms of UI. The UI is complex in regards to the navigation and functionality.”

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