Top 6 Web Content Management Solutions — Q1 2017

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#1 SharePoint

SharePoint is ranked as the number one solution in web content management by our users during Q1 2017.

“The list feature makes it easy to integrate database information into the same place as documents”, writes an IT Manager at a university with 1,000-5,000 employees.

He explains that the list feature “allows exposing of that data to create reports and views within the site for real-time reporting as well as point-in-time views. This is extremely useful.”

Further, this IT Manager elaborates that:

“We created a hang management system with a simple list including views and reports, instead of purchasing a bloated application. We created inventory tracking in the same way.

Instead of switching, this has kept all the information in one place and within one application. It allows easy data exports into other applications.”

“Almost all of the areas of the product have room for improvement; some more than others” writes Aseem Pandit, Practice Manager and Solutions Architect at a tech vendor with 1,000-5,000 employees.

He specifies that “At a high level, mobile, custom development/testing frameworks, BCS, external services integration, and BI may need to catch up more as compared to the other feature sets.”

#2 Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Liferay Digital Experience Platform is ranked by our users as the number two solution in the category during Q1 2017.

Liferay is a product that has been released with beautiful thinking behind it”, writes Ravi Kumar Gupta, a Technical Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees.

Gupta then describes that “With Liferay, setting up an enterprise portal is very quick and easy. Its faster development methodology helps us to customize Liferay to our needs.

For our organization, we have designed modules which help us with employee information, training, meeting room booking, performance evaluation, exit process, on-boarding, recruitment, and 360 feedback.”

“I would like to see better documentation”, writes Marco Re, AEM Solution Developer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees.

Re explains that “Updates in the documentation do not follow updates in the code and functionality” and then adds that there are also “some scalability issues. Finding a good infrastructure setup is not an easy task. Some scalability issues can arise when changing database engines since Liferay supports different databases.”

#3 Drupal

Drupal is ranked as the number three solution in web content management by our users during Q1 2017.

The best things about Drupal are its extensibility and pluggability. You can get something going quite fast that’s feasible for clients to see”, shares Maarten Aerts, Senior Drupal Developer at a non-profit with 51-200 employees.

Aerts elaborates that “It has a very good authentication/authorization system. For a few years, the application had a dedicated security team who took care of reported security issues with the Drupal core and even contributed modules.

The vast user base is a big bonus. You have plenty people collaborating on many modules/plugins, so if you have issues, someone will step in quite fast to help you.”

A Web Developer at writes that “The admin interface has been lacking in usability. They have made improvements in the new versions.

In the previous versions of Drupal, the admin UI was confusing to non-technical users. This has improved, but it probably isn’t as user-friendly as WordPress, for example.”

#4 VIP VIP is ranked by our users as the number four solution in the category during Q1 2017.

Daniel Morris, CTO at eScribers, LLC lists several valuable features for VIP:

  • Constant bug fixes
  • Security patches
  • Flexibility to add plug-ins
  • Building plug-ins is easier than other CRMs such as Joomla
  • Can jump in quickly
  • Easy to use

Morris then writes that in terms of room for improvement, there is “Not really anything, but the plug-in interface into the system is not object-oriented. It’s diffuse, and you feel like you’re dropping bits into many places. They’re called plug-ins, but you don’t feel like you’re plugging in your code, but just reaching in with a hundred tentacles.”

#5 Joomla

Joomla is ranked as the number five solution in web content management by our users during Q1 2017.

“This CMS is very easy to use and can be enhanced with various modifications (most of them are free)”, writes Valentin Hobel, a Senior Consultant of IT Infrastructure at a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees.

Hobel explains that “I didn’t use it for the companies I worked for, but installed it for many people I know.

This CMS lets you create an own website within minutes, no matter if the user has knowledge in coding.”

In terms of improvements, Hobel shares that “Joomla itself seems to be secure, but many add-ons are badly written and allow LFI, RFI, SQL injection and XSS attacks. You have to be very careful when it comes to choosing the right add-ons.”

#6 WordPress

WordPress is ranked by our users as the number six solution in the category during Q1 2017.

Aimee White, Website and e-commerce at a retailer with 1,000-5,000 employees, describes WordPress as “not just for blogs anymore.”

Easy to install and a really nice CMS”, White adds that “The ability to amend the PHP to add extra functionality of to tweak things is also a great bonus. The use of PHP also helps if you need to buy help in from a coder – PHP is common so there is a massive pool of devs.

It also doesn’t need a massive server to run. That’s great for smaller businesses who don’t want the hassle of large cloud contracts.”

In terms of improvements, White shares that “everyone and their dog tries to hack it.
If you use WordPress without security plugins then things won’t go well for you. Thankfully, as above, there are lots to pick from: TOR blockers, IP blockers, whitelists, blacklists…all free.”

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