What’s Trending in 2017 Reviews: Enterprise Content Management for Large Enterprise Businesses

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For Large Enterprise companies (with over 1000+ employees) in the IT Central Station community, the top Enterprise Content Management solutions are narrowed down to:

  • SharePoint
  • Alfresco
  • Box
  • docSTAR eclipse
  • Documentum

Since 2017 has kicked in, two (Alfresco and Box) of these five solutions have been steadily trending upward among enterprise tech professionals. While Sharepoint is still ranked as the #1 Enterprise Content Management solution for businesses with 1000+ employees, both Alfresco and Box appear to be catching up.

What can we attribute these trends to? What can we expect to change or not change in this hierarchy, and finally, what are users saying that point to the changes brewing in Enterprise Content Management?


Sharepoint — What Users Love

In Q4 2016, 24 real user reviews on Sharepoint were published on IT Central Station.

When these users wrote their reviews, their answers for ‘What improvements have you seen in your organization since using Sharepoint?’ included:

Database Management

“Minimize our data center shared drive footprint and roll most user data into a searchable database…file level, content security, and shifting data management to the customer.”

Igor Chernov

“Have a hang management system with a simple list including views and reports, instead of purchasing a bloated application…easy data exports into other applications.”


Streamlined Documentation and Workflows

“We are now able to organize and control our documentation easily. Versioning, check in, check out and setting permissions for pages and sites enable us to manage our document and picture libraries without a fuss. We can now easily find documents within sites and pages, as long as documents are named and tagged appropriately.”

Caressa Naidoo

“Have a Web solution for running integrated test scripts across multiple applications, along with multiple testing resources in numerous physical locations.”

Ron Fowler

“Improve communication, collaboration and content/record sharing in the organizations I worked for. It helped us manage our documents and records effectively and at a reasonable cost.”

Wissam Halawani

Based on these samples of user feedback, Sharepoint has earned their favor for its abilities to provide optimal database management and maintenance, test script integration, easy data exports, and efficient content and file sharing and management.

Are Alfresco and Box making headway by excelling in these very areas, or is their (respective) rising credibility brought upon by other features?

This is what our users have shared so far re: how Alfresco and Box are each impacting their organizational successes:


Alfresco — What Users Love

Document Management

“Improved the working of our organization in terms of document collaboration, record lifecycle and search functionalities.”


“Work is reduced in terms of maintaining documents and facilities like record management and automated workflow are even better.”


“Users can categorize all documents and add expressiveness to data and conduct more powerful searches.”


Data Modeling

“Document domain experts can model type and hierarchical associations and metadata constraints in a declarative way (such as an XML definition).

Moreover, Alfresco added a graphical user interface model manager in the last product version, so users that don’t know XML formalisms are able to build models.”


“We can create our own content model with our own metadata”



Box — What Users Love

Document Management and Access

“Our employees can access content from anywhere, no-vpn, no special apps, no extra authentications.”

Matt Connors

“It has taken us from archaic means of document storage (local server shares) to a completely cloud based and mobile environment.  For the first time ever, our sales professionals and managers in the field are able to access company data from anywhere at any time.”

Dan Carroll

“File/Folder collaboration has allowed our users to work together, eliminate silos and reduce unnecessary email.”


Across the board, it seems that document management features and capabilities within Sharepoint, Alfresco, and Box are decisive to user satisfaction.

As 2017 progresses, will the Enterprise Content Management realm’s trends and success factors among large enterprise businesses be primarily dependent on the document management features seen in its respective solutions?

Stay tuned for future review and feedback trends from users that will shed light on how document management features are determining the success and popularity of Enterprise Content Management solutions for tech professionals in large enterprise businesses.


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