UserVoice vs Zendesk—Customer Support Rivals

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Software tools for customer support rival each other in terms of their usability, their scalability, their platforms, and of course, their pricing.

UserVoice vs ZenDeskCloud hosting in a pay-as-you-go contract continues to be one of the best ways to get started using these solutions. Pricing can be agent based, number-of-users based, and various other ways with licensing requirements.

Pricing can typically be pretty easy to compare objectively but does not always win in a rivalry. A solution that costs less up front might have some factors that affect the business negatively and end up costing more in the long run.

For the other factors, finding out from real users how a solution works in a similar environment to yours can be extremely beneficial.

One of the IT Central Station categories, Problem Management Software includes reviews for ZenDesk, one of the main rivals for UserVoice. You can quickly get a sense for how this solution works as well as with other competitors of UserVoice. And, if you’re a real user of UserVoice you can kick off the reviews for them.

If you’re a vendor and want to get involved check out How do we engage with this community?  Regarding reviews, if you’re a real user of any vendor solution, follow this formula to hear from peers and demonstrate your expertise:

  1. Read one
  2. Write one
  3. Comment on two

Getting involved with what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for Enterprise IT” will have a huge impact on your buying decisions. To get more acquainted with social media for B2B, check out this post: IT Central Station Named One of the “Top 3 Highlights for B2B Tech Social Marketing


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