VCE Vblock Converges Infrastructure in Data Center

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cloud_hardwareIn a CNBC Press Release, VCE Announces Next Wave Of Innovation for data center infrastructure. The innovative simplicity comes from a fully-tested Cisco, EMC, and VMware converged VCE Vblock System shipped to your data center!

A Vblock system includes a standardized infrastructure platform built—including all the wiring integrated for apps, storage, and VMs—both physical and logical—and delivered on a good old-fashioned wooden pallet as shown in this video:







We want to know if the claims of VCE Vblock muster the test with real users. Please take a look at our first Expert Review for VBlock by Gareth Lloyd and offer your comments and write a review of your own.

Join in the tech buying revolution in what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for CIOs!” Below is a link to the VCE Vblock product page where you can post your comments and reviews.

VCE Vblock


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