VMware vs Hyper-V – Which Do You Prefer?

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VMware vs Hyper-V: we asked our fellow enterprise professionals what they thought about these two server virtualization competitors, and this is what they had to say:

VMware vs Hyper V
VMware vs Hyper-V

Pro VMware:

You have the apparent fans of either side. Users like Tim Linerud praise VMware highly, saying it is a “more mature product and an industry standard.Another user, Tim Goedde, likes VMware for its streamlined processing, containing few gaps in the overall network. Yet another member likes VMware because it has “more interoperability with storage products like EMC.”

Pro Hyper-V:

If you’d ask someone like Charbel Nemnom, though, you’d get a different answer. Based on cost and scalability, Nemnom prefers Hype-V over the alternatives. It can also host more logical processors to date and has a greater physical memory capacity. Other reviewers mentioned that Hyper-V was more intuitive and easier to understand.

They’re Both Good!

Then there are the people in the middle who say that both products are good, though some agree that each one has its strong points for specific situations. Nabil Zahid, for example, recommends VMware for clients who need more automation to their processes, while Windows-driven customers would do better with the Hyper-V.


Interestingly enough, you’ll also find a voice for avoiding both these options, as is the case with Varadarajan Narayanan who suggests trying a simplified Xen model or KVM. Even members who are pro one or the other of the above brands like Andy Brauer (who declares VMware king, but says that “the princes are now just as good and the price makes a very compelling case for the opensource world”), also recommends one of the more contemporary options.

From the flow of this conversation, it definitely appears that Windows users would be better off using Hyper-V, and Linux OS users or people who are already equipped with ESX will have an easier and better time with VMware.

Have an opinion that differs or want to argue out a point? Leave a comment, and join the conversation!


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