Whom Do You Trust When Buying Tech Products?

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Someone shared with me this week a classic Gartner analyst report How to Manage a Customer Reference Program. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. It includes a fascinating graphic from the Edelman Trust Survey about whom people trust most:


The vertical axis of the above graphic measures the trust people lend to authority figures or experts. For example, a financial or industry analyst is trusted more than a corporate CEO. The horizontal axis, on the other hand, shows how survey participants apply trust to peer-to-peer environments. For example, bloggers and entertainers are trusted less than regular company employees.

And guess who is trusted most of all? The most trusted person is “a person like me”.

We believe that “people like me” are the ones you want to be in touch with when making such an important decision to recommend or purchase a technology product or service for your company. That’s why we created IT Central Station – a community platform for technology professionals like you to share information about enterprise software, applications, hardware and services. We commit to offering user-contributed information that is valuable, objective and relevant. As a result, the community becomes a valuable resource, ensuring you get access to the right information and connect to the right people, whenever you need it. Go ahead and write a review so you can help others get the information they need from someone they trust – you.

Other findings from the Edelman Trust Survey:

  • Social networking and content-sharing sites, such as IT Central Station, saw the biggest percentage increase (75 percent) in trust among media sources.
  • Record decline in CEO credibility – are we surprised?

Whom do you trust? Let me know by posting a comment below.


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