Why Should I Write a Review?

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We’re all busy people. So what is the incentive for you to write a review on IT Central Station? Good question.  Here are the top four reasons why people write reviews on IT Central Station:
Networking with peers: In the IT Central Station community, you have the ability to connect with your peers using private messaging. (Don’t worry, vendors have this messaging capability turned off so you won’t be contacted by them.) Once you’ve made contact with someone feel free to share your personal details. So use our platform as a way to connect with others that are using or researching the products and services that interest you. You can even request for other users with relevant experience to contact you! We’re a unique group of technology professionals and we all know the value of having a great network. If you haven’t already, register and join the community.
Giving credit: We all like to acknowledge when a product or service that genuinely helps us do our job better – saving us time, helping us save the company’s money, or giving us information to improve the business. We do it all the time. Just listen to how people talk about how they love their iPhone or Kindle. Or see that over 26,000 people have written 5-star reviews of the Amazon Kindle. IT Central Station enables technology professionals to give credit to the vendors for delivering enterprise products and services that delight their customers.


Altruism: According to the classic Google report Zero Moment of Truth, the #1 reason people write reviews is altruism. People in the technology community in particular are naturally inclined to help each other out and to share information. Most people are happy to take that quick reference call, or show that colleague your tips and best practices. As long as you’ve got the time of course, which is why we’ve made it quick and easy to write a review on IT Central Station. It takes literally 2 minutes to write a basic review and you’ve made a great contribution to the community. So go ahead, be altruistic, and write a review now.
Be seen as a thought leader: You’ve obviously got some great tips and best practices to share with others. Go ahead and let people know your expertise and what you’ve learned. You’ll find that sharing information about what has worked for you can be extremely valuable to others who don’t want to repeat mistakes made by others and want to make the best buying decision.
Did I miss anything? Are there other reasons you might write a review? Post a comment below and let me know what you think.

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