XenServer vs VMware—Competing in Today’s Virtualization Marathon

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Virtualization has become as an essential component of every CIO’s agenda.  Your virtual platforms must go the distance and work against all odds—VMware vs XenServeryou know, the increasing complexity of interdependent applications, web services, users from any where on any device. You must break barriers to efficiency at every turn and can’t physically wear them out.

Ok, maybe you can wear out the servers that you host them on but let’s not go there.

In a XenServer vs VMware marathon, you must take the time to figure out the right fit for your organization before you invest. Here on IT Central Station, find out what real users are saying—their implementation tips, tricks, and gotchas.

View the implementations during a marathon with other users before you decide your winner. For example, Srmgrdatactr355, a Senior Manager of Data Center at integrator with 1-500 employees, says:

“VMware Server is the best available virtualization solution with live migration, high availability, and dynamic resources.”

FrancisM, the Head of a data center for higher education with 500-5000 employees, says:

“XenServer Free Virtualization Platform is one of the most full-featured free hypervisors available.”

Click  XenServer vs VMware to see a full comparison of these solutions.

Both of these real users come from different environments, one significantly smaller than the other. Do you think that has anything to do with their review? Of course it does, and that’s why each reviewer—whether anonymous or not—includes the type of business where they base their review. Each review is also evaluated for authenticity and approved by IT Central Station staff.

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