Confluence vs. Yammer vs. Jive vs. Chatter: Review Round-up for Enterprise Social Software

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This week we present a review roundup of the latest reviews of enterprise social software from the IT Central Station community. Read what our real users have to say about the solutions they are using: Yammer vs. Jive vs. Chatter vs. Confluence. To see full product comparisons check out IT Central Station:

Confluence vs. Yammer

Jive vs. Chatter

Reviews of Enterprise Social Software From Real Users 

Yammer vs Jive vs Chatter vs Confluence
Yammer vs Jive vs Chatter vs Confluence

Confluence – “Before using Confluence we had the documentation spread across multiple shared drives and emails. Confluence gave us a chance to re-arrange the documents into a single repository and group the information logically in home page(s). I have called our home page a one-stop-shop for all team related links. Furthermore, other teams have created their own home pages and we are able to access each other spaces, sharing knowledge and know-how. When we do project work we can share the progress and develop documentation on the go while everyone has access to the latest version in real time. Talking about this, the thing I love about Confluence is that every document becomes a living document and we don’t need to wait until it is 100% ready, but start with a draft and develop in progress.” Read the full review here. 

Jive “Colleagues are more informed, easier to find content, silo breaking…In the beginning the big bang approach brought some problems for the NON-“Facebook” users, finding it very difficult to understand the concept of linking, sharing, following. I would not go for a big bang and rather guide users via a slow pilot approach. ” Read the full Jive review.

Yammer vs. Sharepoint “The huge difference between Facebook and Yammer is, Yammer is privateI like the idea of Yammer, but until Yammer is fluently integrated into SharePoint / SharePoint Online, it’s a hard way for us – SharePoint enthusiasts – to move customers, friends, co-workers on the Yammer train.” Read the comparison.

Chatter “I wish an organization could create a company-wide Chatter that automatically follows everyone else in the company so that widespread access was guaranteed. My own experience and that of our clients is that internal email significantly reduces when organisations start to use Chatter. Communication that would have taken place by email now takes place by Chatter. However because Chatter is a much more collaborative mechanism than email there’s an improvement in the quality of communication.” Read the review.

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