Digital and Mobile Adoption: An In‐Depth Look at How Digital Transformation Works

Contributed by James Quin, Senior Director, Content and C‐Suite Communities at CDM Media

The adoption of digital and mobile initiatives is a major undertaking for enterprises in every industry. Part of the process is determining the competitive advantages that these initiatives would bring into organizations. This is an in‐depth look at how digital transformation works and what it looks like:

Digital transformation is sweeping pretty much every industry sector right now, and it’s setting out to be one of the most influential changes that we’ve seen in many years. Many will argue that digital transformation is nothing more than the same “Social/Cloud/Analytics/Mobile” technology trend that we’ve been experiencing for the last few years. In a certain way they are right, but it’s so much more than just baseline technology adoption.


Digital transformation is about changing the way enterprises do business, about how they interact with their customers and potential customers, how they develop their products and services, and indeed about how they determine which products and services to offer. It begins with mobile, because mobile puts the requisite technology for pervasive interaction into everyone’s hands. Of course, the way in which they are interacting is through social channels that break down old‐school hierarchical interaction models allowing for a more efficient exchange and even creation of information. That information can be now analyzed in ways that were inconceivable before because not only are we looking at more information, we’re looking at different information, and we’re looking at it with a speed that we never have before. To make use of these new insights, enterprises need to be agile, to be responsive and more and more the cloud is becoming the computing platform that allows for this level of dynamism because it is accessible, on‐demand, and scalable.

Initially we referred to these technologies as “disruptive” because they changed the way we worked. We’ve come to see them instead as “transformative” because they changed the way we worked. The so-called CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social) technologies have been with us for a few years now. They were introduced to us as ‘disruptive technologies’ and that title has certainly been valid because they’ve really transformed the way that businesses operate. While cloud has primarily had an impact on how enterprises operate internally, the other three have very definitely had an impact in terms of how businesses relate to and interact with the world at large, particularly when it comes to clients and partners.

I think it’s fair to say that there isn’t a single organization that hasn’t invested in at least one of these technologies to some degree, and realistically a significant subset that have invested in all of them to a great degree. The two that are really driving change of course are analytics (to allow for greater understanding of, and ultimately engagement with, clients and partners) and mobility (to be the channel through which data is captured for analytics and engagement is created afterwards). These two technologies, technologies that really didn’t exist just a few years ago, have rapidly become table stakes for successful businesses. That doesn’t mean that everyone is where they need to be, but everyone certainly is somewhere on the journey.

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