Reporting Solutions Review Roundup

This week’s review roundup is an always popular corner of IT Central Station – Business Intelligence. This week we are talking specifically about Reporting Software. Here is a selection of what real users from our community are saying about their reporting tools:

Tableau – “Valuable Features: Prototyping, Visual representation, Quick for report readers versus tables and numbers in most other similar tools. Improvements to My Organization: As a consultant, the organizations I’ve been at like the ability to see a visual report.  This is can be done fairly quick as opposed to numbers.” Read the full review here. bar-chart-297122_640

Windward – “Valuable features: There’s less of a a learning curve than with other reporting tools and it has easy to design complex templates using the AutoTag Microsoft Office plugin. I can use Microsoft Office standard features with templates. This has reduced template development time on coding, layouts and formatting. We receive customer data in various formats and it is very convenient to pass the XML datasource to generate reports. Easy to integrate with our company product using Javelin Server RESTful web-services API.” Read the full review here

Crystal Reports -“Improvements to My Organization: Our organization previously exported a lot of data to Excel. This had to be endlessly manipulated by sorting, cutting, modifying pasting, de-duping, resorting, etc. Using Crystal Reports means all this manual work is eliminated. The report comes out sorted and in the right format without need for any manipulation. Crystal also has a lot of options for grouping and creating formulas. Room for Improvement: Some features are difficult to use for beginning users, such as shared variables.” Read the full review here.

Domo – “Improvements to My Organization: Unfortunately, no. We never were able to make it work. We were initially promised a one month setup with the four tools of our choice. It took them two months to setup Google Analytics alone, and that merely replicated what we could do. Room for Improvement: Ease of use for clients. The ability to live up to the promises of its sales staff.” Read the full review here.

BOARD – “The feature that I have found most valuable is the whole idea behind Board. Board is entirely customizable. If we have a new process, or a new reporting function that we want to achieve, we can make it happen in Board. We are able to do it ourselves, and that is without any IT background or training.” Read the full review here.

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EMC vs Acronis vs Microsoft

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Coporate Portals

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Flash Storage Analysis: Beyond Shallow Metrics


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Application Performance Monitoring

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Top IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools – 2015 Edition

IT Infras-ver4_150

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