MicroStrategy vs Tableau—Enterprise Vendor Boxing Match

Enterprise vendor comparisons such as the one here for MicroStrategy vs Tableau, help you evaluate what real users are saying—their implementation tips, tricks, and gotchas. View them as boxing matches that might last several rounds.MicroStrategy vs Tableau

Just as in a boxing match, you can be a spectator to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the players—or the strategies used by vendors in the ring—before investing in a solution or even talking to the sales teams. You want to get a sense for what’s really going to work in your environment to save you both time and money.

The first place you might want to visit is our comparison page for these two products. In addition, you can read highlights from some of our real user reviews:

One reviewer, Vijay Madhavan, compares both products and says that: “Tableau has found its sweet-spot as an agile discovery tool that analysts use to create and share insights. It is also the tool of choice for rapid prototyping of dashboards. Within a MicroStrategy project, applications can be built relating multiple visual insights analyses. A visual insights analysis may also support ad-hoc drilling workflows that access the data warehouse.” Click MicroStrategy vs Tableau to see his full review.

A Microstrategy user writes: “MicroStrategy can read data from a wide variety of different DBMS and web services, producing optimized SQL code for each of them. It’s a one stop solution for BI: after 10 years using it I still haven’t found a report or graph that can’t be done with the suite. We use it for any kind of reporting and analysis. It helped manage the institution, reduce costs and provide better service to the patients (which are our customers…) The web is full of very interesting data, and the number of web services providing datasets is increasing. I would like to see Support for OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 to be able to attach external data sources. I’d like to have Support for JSON data. I hope HTML5 and JavaScript will be used extensively in next versions, to substitute the Flash based components. Read the full review here.

A Tableau user writes “I will address Tableau’s enterprise web-based and mobile usage at a later date but for departmental desktop usage, there are few hurdles to using Tableau. If you have “spreadsheet jockeys” trying to perform data visualization with just Excel, then Tableau is a perfect holiday gift.” Read the full review here.

Ok, let’s be realistic, it doesn’t have to be exactly like a real boxing match with a knockout blow that indicates one wins over the other. What makes more sense is what’s right for you in your environment. Let go of the analyst spin, the marketing spin—the spin for vendor success in general might not be what you need.

You might want to read the review of a real user who contributed a review on the “Yelp for Enterprise Tech” as referred to by the Wall Street Journal on IT Central Station. You can also check out these other vendor comparisons: QlikView vs Microsoft BI and Microsoft BI vs. SAP Business Objects. Enjoy!



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