Cisco vs Avaya vs Juniper vs HP: Review Roundup for Ethernet Switches

This week we present a roundup of the latest reviews of ethernet switches from the IT Central Station community. Different metrics are taken into account such as pricing, customer service, scalability and many more parameters.  Read what our real users have to say about these solutions: Cisco vs Avaya vs Juniper vs HP.

Reviews of Ethernet Switches From Real Users 

Avaya - “One of the reasons we selected this product was the per port cost ratio as it is very low while compared to

Ethernet Switches- Cisco vs Avaya vs Juniper vs HP

Ethernet Switches- Cisco vs Avaya vs Juniper vs HP

other similar products… We also found the web interface for managing the device, to be very useful.” Read the full Avaya review.

Cisco vs. Juniper - “Each solution is completely different and each one has its strong and weak points.” Read the comparison.

Juniper vs. Cisco - “I prefer Juniper for the following reasons: Cleaner separation of data plane from control plane, hierarchical config design and easier rollback.” Read the review.


Click here to read more Ethernet Switches reviews of Avaya, as well as Cisco, NETGEAR, D-Link, Brocade and many more. If you haven’t already, sign up with IT Central Station, browse reviews, follow your favorite products, or write a review of your own!

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