Cognos vs. Tableau Endgame

When you watch a chess game—unless you’re a master—you typically don’t know all the moves and exactly how one strategy wins over another.

Cognos vs Tableau

The Cognos vs Tableau business intelligence endgame is up to you. Here on IT Central Station, find out what real users are saying—their implementation tips, tricks, and gotchas. View them during the match and before you decide your endgame.

Cognos: “The report designer, Report Studio, is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Reports can be served in multiple formats, such as PDF, HTML, Excel, or even as a JSON data source. The meta-modeling tools allows for a complex security system which can automatically filter data, in any report or ad-hoc tool, based on a user’s roles or groups. Dashboards are slow compared to other tools currently on the market. Visualizations are improving, but still difficult to get just right. The default mapping solution included is only useful for the most basic requirements.” Read the full review here.

Tableau: “I’m able to prototype charts/dashboards in hours vs days or weeks with other tools (mainly Excel). Doesn’t require me to think about the level of aggregation that I’m going to need as it deals with large data sets. Blends disparate datasets together which is awesome for plan vs actual reports where the data is a two different levels of granularity. Needs a metadata solution plus some enhanced ETL functionality.” Read the full review here.

You can also check out the Cognos vs Tableau to see a full comparison of these solutions.

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