Top BI Comparisons of 2015

The 2015 year definitely shined on many vendors who provide business intelligence (BI) software and solutions to most fortune 500 and 100 enterprises.Graph

The following list shows us the top BI vendor comparisons for 2015 with the most activity on IT Central Station—what users are talking about, reviewing, recommending, and of course providing some constructive criticism:

  1. Pentaho vs. Tableau

These awesome comparisons are product of crowd-sourced social media at the IT vendor enterprise level. Just as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor and other mainstream social community sites do, IT Central Station provides the real-user perspective that is not laced with vendor marketing spin.

Vendors are definitely key participants on the site but they have been identified and disclosed and all real users have been verified through LinkedIn so there’s no hanky panky on the review pages.

You can play a role in what’s going on with BI vendors:

Be a part of what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for Enterprise IT.”


Top Backup Solutions – 2015 Edition


In any modern company, accidents happen. Hard drives become corrupted, viruses wipe out software, files get lost. Backup solutions create copies on local drives or media, disk imaging software creates a snapshot of your entire drive, and online backup services automate uploading your data to secure off-site storage. According to the IT Central Station community, the most […]

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HP Testing Tools Review Roundup: HP Quality Center and HP LoadRunner


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QlikView vs Tableau Comparison


QlikView vs Tableau Review Check out IT Central Station’s new Review Face Off on for two of our most popular Business Intelligence tools, QlikView vs. Tableau. Each solution has reviews written by real members of the enterprise tech community! To see a detailed comparison between the two products, check out IT Central Station’s Qlikview vs. Tableau Comparison. QlikView Review […]

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Top Network Performance Monitoring Tools – 2015 Edition

Top Network Performance Monitoring Vendors   IT Central Station

Network Performance Monitoring is a way for companies to optimize their system’s performance through monitoring network traffic and resource utilization. According to the IT Central Station community, the most important buying criteria for buying software are functions such as packet loss, latency, jitter, downtime, interoperability with the largest amount of vendor devices possible, performance and behavior of the […]

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Announcing the New Trending Feature Based on Crowdsourced Data


The team here at IT Central Station is excited to introduce this new trending functionality.  It is based on crowdsourced data collected from our website and the product’s total ranking is based on a weighted aggregate ranking of its views, comparisons, reviews, followers, and average rating. Our community of enterprise tech users have been asking […]

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Microstrategy vs Cognos—Face Off

Microsoft BI vs Cognos

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Who Makes the Cut to be Included in IT Central Station?

USS Enterprise

We get asked often how do we determine which products and services make the cut to be included in our site. It’s a good question and we want to clarify it here. IT Central Station is designed for professionals in the enterprise market, as opposed to SMBs (small, medium businesses). That means we include only […]

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Microstrategy vs. Tableau Review Roundup


Today’s Review Roundup is all about BI Solutions. In this post we’ll highlight several of the real user reviews comparing Microstrategy and Tableau posted on IT Central Station. Here are some key points from our community: Arpit Agrawal, a tech Consultant says: “No tool in this world can meet each one of these requirements, but in my […]

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