Top Network Performance Monitoring Tools – 2015 Edition

Network Performance Monitoring is a way for companies to optimize their system’s performance through monitoring network traffic and resource utilization. According to the IT Central Station community, the most important buying criteria for buying software are functions such as packet loss, latency, jitter, downtime, interoperability with the largest amount of vendor devices possible, performance and behavior of the application. The ability to customize the monitoring and presentation of the data are key but the software should have an easy to view default dashboard.

Here at IT Central Station, we offer a crowdsourced platform that allows real users to share their opinions about tech products with the rest of the enterprise tech community. We have compiled over 70,000 views of the top Network Performance Monitoring tools by real users in 2014 and analyzed their trends in the infographic below. The infographic is weighted based on the the following categories (see chart key below). All of our data is based on actual behavior of real users researching and reviewing Network Performance Monitoring vendors on IT Central Station.

If you have any questions regarding our research or would like to read our reviews, please visit our Network Performance monitoring section on IT Central Station at

Download our infographic in PDF format.

Announcing the New Trending Feature Based on Crowdsourced Data


The team here at IT Central Station is excited to introduce this new trending functionality.  It is based on crowdsourced data collected from our website and the product’s total ranking is based on a weighted aggregate ranking of its views, comparisons, reviews, followers, and average rating. Our community of enterprise tech users have been asking […]

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Microstrategy vs Cognos—Face Off

Microsoft BI vs Cognos

Microstrategy Review vs Cognos Review Check out the new Face Off on IT Central Station for Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Each solution has more than 28 real user reviews and four and five star ratings! First look at these quick summaries from expert reviewers for each product: Senior Manager of IT at government with 5000+ employees: Cognos Review “Provides us with “a […]

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Who Makes the Cut to be Included in IT Central Station?

USS Enterprise

We get asked often how do we determine which products and services make the cut to be included in our site. It’s a good question and we want to clarify it here. IT Central Station is designed for professionals in the enterprise market, as opposed to SMBs (small, medium businesses). That means we include only […]

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Microstrategy vs. Tableau Review Roundup


Today’s Review Roundup is all about BI Solutions. In this post we’ll highlight several of the real user reviews comparing Microstrategy and Tableau posted on IT Central Station. Here are some key points from our community: Arpit Agrawal, a tech Consultant says: “No tool in this world can meet each one of these requirements, but in my […]

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Top APM Tools – 2015 Edition


Application Performance Management (APM) is a way for companies to monitor and manage their software applications and performance. It is a critical function managed by DevOps, IT operations, application teams, developers, support teams, business managers, and other application professionals. Here at IT Central Station, we offer a crowdsourced platform that allows real users to share their opinions […]

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HP ConvergedSystem 500 wins MVP award from CTR

Today we feature a guest blog post from Whitney Garcia, of HP. Check out what Whitney has to say about HP ConvergedSystem below. The HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA powered by Intel is the most cost effective big data solution from HP, designed for business who may be just getting their feet wet with […]

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Microsoft BI vs Microstrategy

Microsoft BI vs Cognos

Microsoft BI Review vs Microstrategy Review Check out the new Face Off on IT Central Station for Business Intelligence Tools. Each solution has more than 20 comments by real users! Take a look at these quick summaries from expert reviewers for each product: CEO at tech services company with 500-5000 employees: Microsoft BI Review “I’m a big fan of the Report Server Project Wizard which […]

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Digital and Mobile Adoption: An In‐Depth Look at How Digital Transformation Works


Contributed by James Quin, Senior Director, Content and C‐Suite Communities at CDM Media The adoption of digital and mobile initiatives is a major undertaking for enterprises in every industry. Part of the process is determining the competitive advantages that these initiatives would bring into organizations. This is an in‐depth look at how digital transformation works and what it looks […]

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