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Talent Management Reviews Face-off: PeopleSoft vs. IBM Kenexa vs. SAP SuccessFactors vs. Cornerstone OnDemand

What do enterprise tech professionals look for when choosing a Talent Management Solution? In this week’s Face-off between Talent Management reviews, IT Central Station users discuss features such as software reliability, stability, robustness, usability, and more. Their reviews also address the users’ main use-cases for their Talent Management solution of choice, as well as where they suggest room for improvement.

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Question: What are PeopleSoft’s Most Valuable Features?


Sr. PeopleSoft Administrator at a Local Government:

The most valuable feature of this product is the HR suite; it is leading vendor for human resources in the market. So for me, the HR and payroll features are the biggest flagship of the PeopleSoft product.”

Anil Kumar Pandey, Principal at a manufacturing company:

The most valuable feature of PeopleSoft Procurement is the completely end-to-end integration of the procurement process. From the time you set up the master data information and set up the contracts, you are able to create transactions.”

Question: Where Do You See Room for Improvement in PeopleSoft?


Alexsandre Bisetto, Head of IT Applications:

“Reports can definitely be improved. There are very few core reports. Every time you have a request for information, you need to customize a report. It would be great to have a report generator that could bring more flexibility and speed to delivering information to end users.”

Berhard Saragih, Project Manager/Oracle PeopleSoft HCM Functional Consultant:

“There is room for improvement in the Operation Module, such as Time Labor, and Global Absence, where every country has different regulations. That’s the challenge for Oracle: to bridge the customization.”

IBM Kenexa

Question: What are IBM Kenexa’s Most Valuable Features?


Seniordi4b2f, Senior Director Of Human Resources:

“The most valuable feature is the standardization of all of the basic aspects of recruitment process management. I think it’s the idea of opening and closing requisitions, and the workflow to enable efficient movement of a mass number of candidates through a product to get all the way from job sourcing through to hiring and onboarding.”

Angela Scalpello, SVP Organizational Development:

“The most important features are that the instrument can be customized, that we can get important and relevant data about our employees, and the responsiveness of our client team from IBM has been phenomenal. It’s been a real partnership.”

Question: Where Do You See Room for Improvement in IBM Kenexa?


Saumya Chopra, Talent Systems and Operations Analyst:

The user interface could do with an overhaul. Also, some screens that are not configurable should be opened to clients for customization.”

Jennifer Lipes, Recruiter:

“The tool functions inconsistently. In the past year, there has been a significant increase in the amount of “internal errors” that are displayed. We also have to make multiple attempts to get a page to load. In addition, the search function is a bit complicated in terms of requisition searches.”

SAP SuccessFactors

Question: What are SAP SuccessFactors’s Most Valuable Features?


Santhosh Somasekharan, Principal Consultant:

User Interface – Gives a polished look for both users and administrators when they log in and access the system.

Workflow configuration – Can configure any level of workflow for approval process with functionalities such as dynamic group, dynamic role concepts.

Role-based permissions – Can define a very clear role-based permission based on portlets or fields level permission.”

Liat Oren Wachs, Global HRIS Leader:

“Everything in the product is most valuable to us. The flexibility of working with so many types of forms in one platform and also the ability to define different eligible populations for any process are extremely helpful features.”

Question: Where Do You See Room for Improvement in SAP SuccessFactors?


SapSucce69c1, SAP SuccessFactors Learning Consultant:

“SuccessFactors LMS generally is not a financial system. However, some of the clients previously asked for more advanced financial integrations; mainly invoice processing and mainly with external systems. Learning functionality, in this case, hardly can fulfill the requirements. On the other hand, there is actually an ongoing improvement in this area, and new features are introduced on a periodical basis. Definitely a positive sign.”

Greg Picozzi, Senior Director IT:

“There are opportunities in every piece of software. It’s not 100%. It’s hard to find developers. That’s the only problem we really have with this solution. It’s hard to find people who can manage it.”

Cornerstone OnDemand

Question: What are Cornerstone OnDemand’s Most Valuable Features?


Bethany Warburton, Principal Consultant:

“The analytics are very easy to use – it produces the data quickly and easily, and can be downloaded and scheduled. Whether it is a report on who has completed a course, or an entire manager’s direct and indirect hierarchy against a single class or a list of courses. Super easy and flexible.”

Danie Pretorius, Cornerstone Senior Consultant: LMS Implementation:

“The best feature for me is the Custom Reporting Tool available to the user. This is an extremely powerful tool and in my opinion is the true power behind the platform. Clients are not held hostage by providers to produce and or update existing reports.”

Question: Where Do You See Room for Improvement in Cornerstone OnDemand?


Jane Clodfelter:

“This product could have more features and ways to deliver training. Some of the learning objects, such as the external training form, are very rigid in how you can interact with them.”

Rui Brandao, General Director:

“There is always room for improvement. I would like to see improvement in notification management and administration.”

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