Application Infrastructure Solutions — Best Reviews of 2016

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IT Central Station community members have contributed over 66 reviews on Application Infrastructure Solutions for the Enterprise in 2016.

Our users discuss:

  • What they love about their current Application Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Where they see Room for Improvement.
  • How scalable they find the solutions to be.
  • How the solutions compare to others they’ve used in the past.

Here are the Application Infrastructure Solutions of 2016 according to the IT Central Station Community.

application infrastructure reviews

Oracle SOA Suite

IT Developer Supervisor Sumesh Nair describes Oracle SOA Suite as “a very reliable solution.” Nair explains that his organization has a clustered environment, “like in our production instance. So even if one of the services, or one of the clusters goes down, we still have the cluster remaining up.”

Room for Improvement

“It needs improvement in terms of Windows support” writes an architect at a software R&D company.

“Customers experience issues standing up environments” writes Daniel Atwood.

Atwood elaborates that “Unless an experienced administrator is involved, having an environment that is clustered and load balanced requires quite a bit of time.

There are third-party tools to automate this configuration, but there is nothing currently out of the box to ease difficulty the installation issues customers run into.”


Zenoss Service Dynamics

CTO Scott Shane values the scalability and customization abilities of Zenoss Service Dynamics.

Room for Improvement

Shane however would hope that the software installation could be simplified, and that monitoring templates could be made more consistent.

Shane also makes note of the technical support that lacks complete documentation and undocumented processes.


Microsoft Internet Information Services

It’s “easy to set up, and good to maintain, this made the security set-up easier and authentication simplified” writes a Senior System Engineer.

Solutions Architect Aksel Filipovic writes that clustering and application isolation are valuable features.

Room for Improvement

Filipovic would like to see “more compact configuration”, and the previous user believe the logging and monitoring need to be improved.


Oracle WebCenter

“The most valuable features to me are the ability to create contents with the interface, such as creating database tables. The product’s JSP APIs and REST APIs are also very useful” writes a Senior Full Stack Developer for Ruby on Rails.

For Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultant Ashwin Almeida, valuable features include “worklist, process spaces, discussion board, document viewer, blogs, and wiki.”

“Great components in WebCenter Collaboration”, he explains. “This gives a seamless experience with single sign-on capabilities…and for presenting various middleware and ECM functionalities to the end user in a single portal application.”

Room for Improvement

Almeida adds that “UCX needs improvement and better APIs for integration with custom and third-party apps; better layouts for mobility.”


WSO2 Carbon

Senior System Architect & Consultant Jairo Fernandez shares that “the Enterprise Service Bus is really fast and flexible, it allows you to deal with any mediation situation based on messages using concepts like proxy services, APIs, and it has lots of connectors that facilitates its interaction with other products.

The application server is based on Tomcat and as you might know all the enterprise grade servers of this kind are based on it, so nothing else to say about it.”


Room for Improvement

“In a general sense”, writes Fernandez, “the documentation of these products should be improved. The product is great and does what it’s designed for, but the documentation is a little poor in many cases.”

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