Free BI Report—What Real Users Think Beyond the Magic Quadrant

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Choosing the right Business Intelligence solution for your business is not such an easy task. With so many solutions on the market, how can you possibly know which one is right for you! The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Tools is a start but to make the best buying decision you need to know what the users think!

To help you make a decision, we decided to compile a report of what real users are saying about all the BI solutions on the market! This free BI Report features reviews on a variety of BI solutions including:


  • Microsoft BIBIReportCoverPage2

  • Tableau

  • QlikView

  • Microstrategy

  • IBM Cognos

  • SAP Business Objects

  • Oracle OBIEE

  • And more!

This free BI Report is comprised of a comprehensive list of all enterprise level business intelligence software solutions. We have also included several real user reviews that were posted on The reviewers of these products have been validated as real users based on their LinkedIn profiles to ensure that they provide reliable opinions and not those of product vendors.

The Internet has completely changed the way we make buying decisions. We now use ratings and review sites to see what other real users think before we buy electronics, book a hotel, visit a doctor or choose a restaurant. But in the world of enterprise technology, most of the information online and in your inbox comes from vendors but what you really want is objective information from other users. We created IT Central Station to provide technology professionals like you with a community platform to share information about enterprise technology products and services.

We commit to offering user-contributed information that is valuable, objective and relevant. We protect your privacy by providing an environment where you can post either with your real name or anonymously and freely express your views. As a result, the community becomes a valuable resource, ensuring you get access to the right information and connect to the right people, whenever you need it.

Download the BI Report today or sign in to IT Central Station and tell us what YOU think about the business intelligence solutions available today!


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