Review Round-up for Application Performance Monitoring

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This week at IT Central Station we present a roundup of the latest reviews of application performance monitoring solutions from our growing community of real users. With so many APM products on the market, it’s hard to know which one is the right choice for your organization. Read what our real users have to say about these solutions: CA vs New Relic vs AppDynamics vs Fluke Networks.

Reviews of Application Performance Monitoring solutions From Real Users 

AppDynamics – “We have been able to proactively correct issues from newly launched applications without even receiving complaints from the end users, and the amazement of users when you notify them personally that an error they never reported has been corrected is priceless. AppDynamics is one of those rare companies that put the customer experience first. Once you become a customer you are appointed a technical account manager that helps you get the most out of your investment. I have a conference call with mine every other week and it really improves our understanding and use of the solution.” Read the full review here.

New Relic – “The database trace was the most useful service. This helped us to improve performance on our servers by more than 30%. I could spend less time verifying code and check for performance. I created accounts for my devs and integrated this into the KPI’s and also the test process. This in turn reduces the amount of money we were spending on our servers. The database performance was something we were able to greatly improve. The simple one line install was perfect and took us less than 1 minute to install. ” Read the full New Relic review.

CA APM – “Provided greater visibility to IT regarding necessary actions on its governance and relationship with suppliers and business areas. In the previous scenario, IT was surrounded by tools but did not possess a vision focused on quality of service delivery and end-to-end. With the adoption of CA APM, we have accurate mapping, we’re updated on what supports each business service and what, when, where an incident occurs and how it affects the business.” Read the full CA APM review.

Application Performance Monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring

Fluke Networks – Application and network issues would inevitably arise within our infrastructure. These issues, no matter how minor, were hard to troubleshoot since each application integrates with multiple data sources. We evaluated multiple network monitoring solutions. Visual TruView was selected and deployed to solve our IT challenges and resolve the ambiguity associated with technical support calls.” Read the full review.

Dynatrace – “Dynatrace has made it extremely easy for us to identify the root cause of poor performing components of our applications. Generally their support is pretty good, but on occasion you can tell you get someone “new” in which you know more than they do.” Read the full review.

Visit IT Central Station to read more application performance monitoring reviews including, Performance Vision, DynaTraceProactiveNet,  Infrared360 and many more. You can also visit one of our APM comparison pages to see side-by-side reviews!


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