New Data Visualization Reviews: Roundup from Our Users

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How do Data Visualization reviews help enterprise tech buyers in their evaluation of the many solutions on the market?

In this week’s review roundup, we compare the following solutions:

Of the 16,530 followers in the Data Visualization category at IT Central Station, which topics are most emphasized in the reviews? Where do users expect room for improvement?

business intelligence


Valuable Features


The best feature of Tableau is the usability” writes programm5345. “It allows a business user to prototype something without going through IT and spending a lot of time and money trying to translate requirements. Going back and forth, it allows you to rapidly develop things that you need to analyze the data.”

Data Connectors

Yali Pollak shares that “Tableau has many different connectors for different databases. It’s very easy to connect to MySQL, SQL Server, Amazon EMR, Presto, Redshift, BigQuery, and so on. Just name it and they have the connector; the work they do is very impressive.”

Room for Improvement

Simple Mode for New/Occasional Users

Richard L. Williams would like to see “A simple mode for new/occasional users.”

Williams explains that “Occasional users will always have trouble coping with such a feature-rich product. Unless you are using it every day, and it is crucial for at least part of your job, the learning curve never flattens out.”

As a result, Williams suggests “A simpler “mode” which removes many of the more complex features or just hides them in tool “ribbons” might present a less-daunting interface to aid adoption by the vast majority of users.”

Incorporating Other Languages

Gareth Crawshaw writes that “Having used another software for a reasonable period of time, I wonder about the chances of incorporating other languages, such as d3.js in future releases (NB I’m still using 8.3).”


data visualization


Valuable Features

Data Analytics in Real-time

Romain Nicaise shares that he “can use the product during customer meetings, not only to show dashboards but to create and process data analytics in real-time. It’s perfect for consultant workshops where you can’t work with static dashboards.”

Room for Improvement

Admin Access

Kirk Dudley explains that “Admins can’t view all of the dashboards when needed; only dashboards that have been shared with the admins.”

Eric Zuehlke finds that “The application lacks a control of the exporting function.  It gives you the ability to export both the dashboards and the widgets in two formats each, but the format of all the exports are not completely under the control of the administrators.”


data visuazlization


Valuable Features

Coherent Data Cubes and Dashboards

For Tom Mac Dermott, the most valuable feature is “the ability to draw data from numerous different types of data (SQL Server, SAP NetWeaver BW, Oracle, Excel, etc) and combine them all into coherent data cubes and dashboards.”

Room for Improvement

Additional Funnel Charts

“The addition of funnel charts to the visualization options would be great”, writes Andy Carita. Carita then explains that his company has “not been able to default a data grid to be collapsed by groups. This would be a big help for some dashboards requiring lots of details on the screen.”

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