Featured Reviewer Jason Hornberger: BI Evaluation Criteria

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This week’s blog post is a great story that shows the power of our fast growing community of enterprise tech users and buyers. One of our users, Jason Hornberger, responded to a question posted on our site. The question asked: “Does anyone have a BI Tools evaluation matrix they’ve used in making a tool selection?” He responded that he recently completed an in-depth evaluation. Several users then asked him to share it with the community. Jjhornber-LIason was a great resource and contributed an in-depth article to the site about his research process. Titled “I evaluated Business Objects, Tibco Spotfire, Tableau, Qlikview, Sisense Prism, and Pentaho,” the article methodically laid out “an evaluation of (and ultimately a final selection from) several vendors and identified about a dozen high level evaluation criteria (using Gartner capabilities as a starting point, and adding those specific to our focus).”

In the end, Jason and his organization chose Qlikview and recently he wrote an in-depth review entitled “I would never propose QlikView, or any other single tool, as THE definitive data visualization and dashboard tool for every organization, but it did best meet our particular needs.” This is an excellent example of why peer-to-peer content is so important and why we’re working to bring you more crowdsourced research for your buying process. Here are a few helpful excerpts from this informative review Jason wrote after using QlikView over the last year:

“We have gradually reduced laborious manual reporting in Business Units and “spreadmarts”.  We now have some executive using QV dashboards in weekly review meetings, in place of spreadsheets and PowerPoints. While it does take some time and IT involvement to initially develop and deploy a solution, the payback is immediate. In one particular case we were able to eliminate a days worth of manual work each week with a QlikView solution that required a few days of development effort. We also previously had no way for end users to routinely and easily analyze larger (100 Million+ rows) data sets, which now can be done through QlikView.” Read the full review here

He also includes several elements which have room for improvement: “No out of the box mapping capabilities (Extensions/Plugins available). No auto-scale for different display resolutions/dimensions, but the trade-off here is the much greater design flexibility than one gets with a Grid based product. Would like to see a few more visualizations available out of the box (e..g Bullet Graph). Very rudimentary report creation capabilities.  No scheduling or distribution without Publisher product.”

Finally, his conclusion sums it up well: “I would never propose QlikView, or any other single tool, as THE definitive data visualization and dashboard tool for every organization, but it did best meet our particular needs. Organizations with more data-savvy, self-sufficient business users may find a product like Tableau, or Qlik’s other product, QlikSense, to be a better option.”

Leave a comment, join a discussion, write a review – we’d love to hear from you too! You can also download BI Tools matrices for your BI research process.


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