Flash Storage Comparison: HP vs. NetApp vs. EMC XtremIO

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This week at IT Central Station we present a flash storage comparison for the enterprise flash storage market. The Flash Array Storage category is one of the hottest categories at IT Central Station and our community of real users have a lot to say about what flash based storage array they are using. Here are some highlights for this week’s Review Roundup:

HP 3PAR – “Valuable Features: The CPG, Dynamic / Adaptive Optimization, the CLI, and more importantly the way it’s licensed as you are not “tagged” and held hostage when you’re at 1TB, and another, and another, and another.  The licensing is a brilliant approach to the fiscal tourniquet of scalability! Oh..I also like the service processor and how it’s out of band and monitors the SAN, how it does the updates – neat little component. HP 3PAR Improvements to My Organization: Scaling and performance. Easy to add shelves, easy to move data around while everything is hot, move data from tier to tier, expanding a LUN, there are so many ways it’s just amazing how much it’s helped!” Read the full HP 3PAR review here.640px-Light_shining1

EMC XtremIO – “The product, which has finally received updates enabling all common data services expected on a modern storage array (replication is still missing though), doesn’t shine for power consumption, used rack space or other kinds of efficiencies (at this time it’s also impossibile to mix different type of disks for example). But again, granting first class performance and predictability is always the result of a give-and-take. XtremIO is strongly focused on performance and on how it’s delivered. From this point of view it clearly targets traditional enterprise tier 1 applications and it can be considered a good competitor in that space. It clearly needs some improvements here and there…” Read the full EMC review here.

NetApp – “NetApp FAS supports All-Disk, Hybrid Flash and All-Flash data stores – that meet the needs of any kind of application workload. The VNX is a very good All-Disk and Hybrid Flash array and XtremIO is a very good All-Flash array, but you need two completely different products to provide the functionality. NetApp FAS eliminates silos and provides seamless scalability – to address Server Virtualisation, Virtual Desktop, Database and File storage needs in one scale-up and scale-out solution, that can start small and grow large.” Read the full review here.

You can also look at helpful comparisons of multiple enterprise flash storage vendors to help you with your research process such as HP vs. Pure, EMC vs. NetApp and others!


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