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CIO, CTOs, and IT Decision Makers have more choices than ever before for cloud-based infrastructure solutions for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)IaaS Cloud Services.
We need a clear forecast—find out what’s in your clouds!

A post by LimeLight’s Matthew Ramsey provides several key points about choosing IaaS providers and summarized here:

  • Research what the provider offers—Organizations have used Amazon’s cloud services for some time, but Google, HP, IBM, and others have stepped forward recently to offer cloud-based infrastructure solutions.
  • Read the agreement—For your organization to benefit from all the features of the IaaS, the service has to be available and running at full capacity. One provider may guarantee a certain level of uptime while another might say something else.
  • Consider content delivery—Many IaaS providers include content delivery network and database management options, such as an SQL or Oracle database, as part of the plan. These can help your company decide on the best provider because of the cost savings
  • Mitigate risk—When choosing an IaaS provider, mitigate risk by understanding how your data will be backed up. Top providers store data in multiple copies across multiple sites. You will still have access even if one datacenter fails or becomes inaccessible.

Although clouds can blow in and blow out, why not check out the crowds for IaaS clouds at IT Central Station? Find out what real users are saying about IaaS providers here.

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