Microsoft BI vs Cognos

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Editor’s Note: A 2017 edition of this post was recently published on February 23, 2017.

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“BI Solutions Review Face-off: Tableau vs. QlikView vs. IBM Cognos”

Microsoft BI vs Cognos 

This week at IT Central Station check out the BI Face Off for a battle between two of the most popular Business Intelligence Tools. To see the full product comparison check out IT Central Station.

Microsoft BI vs. Cognos

Here are a sample of real user quotes from our community about these two BI giants:

Microsoft BI Review vs Cognos Review
Microsoft BI vs Cognos: Take a look at these quick summaries from expert reviewers for each product.

Microsoft BI – “Microsoft SSRS biggest advantage is its ability to integrate with other third party components. You could integrate it with Share Point web part or you can access it from a Web browser, depending on your existing scenario you don’t need to change much to be able to integrate SSRS with your existing application…Microsoft SSRS is unable to provide a mechanism where poor performance reports could be prevented to run on production environment. In case if a user creates a report which can cause huge impact on server resources/performance it should not be allowed to run on production server during normal working hours. ” Read the full informative review here.

Another reviewer writes: “There have been occasions when a certain application would work very slowly on other DB platforms and once we migrated to SQL Server the response times improved dramatically. For example, I recently migrated an application from TeraData to SQL Server and the response times for some functions were cut down from 90 seconds to about less than 1 second! This obviously speeds up the work that gets done within a day.” Read full review here.

Cognos  – “With Cognos we are able to present and analyze the KPI’s and outcomes our hospital needs to take decisions. Adding workflow functions to the reports could close the PDCA cycle and Speed of report-execution could be improved.Initial setup can be straightforward but expertise is needed to fully benefit from the capabilities of Cognos.” Read the full review here.

Another Cognos user writes: “It enables me to see trends of data we have from different angles and each end-user can run ad-hoc queries themselves. Go for it but it will require training. For us it was complex to setup for the first time and too much R&D had to be done. Later on it was easier. It may have been complex as it was our first time setting up the Cognos.” Read the full review here.

Here’s more of the Face Off— our comparison page of these two products to help you see all the great crowdsourced content on one useful page side-by-side!


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