Q&A roundup: Top questions about RPA

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Members of the IT Central Station community are always happy to take a few minutes to help other users by answering questions posted on our site.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most popular categories on our site.  In this week’s Q&A round-up we’ll focus on some of the most popular questions and answers about RPA that have come up on our site.

Which lesser known RPA vendor has the best chance at unseating today’s market leaders?

The RPA market leaders, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism, are relatively unchallenged in the industry. When asked what lesser known RPA vendors could start competing with these market leaders, users offered some interesting suggestions. Although users named a few products to watch, the main theme that emerged was the potential of existing enterprises to dominate the RPA space, such as Microsoft and SAP.

In this vein, Nancy Sachdeva, a Process Automation lead at a large enterprise Energy/Utilities company, believes that “the players which are not including everything and anything in their core offering, but are creating an ecosystem will be long lasting.”

Animesh Jain, Head of Process Innovation and Robotic Automation at a mid-sized enterprise tech services company, predicts that ProcessRobot by Softomotive and WDG will challenge the current market leaders. He points out that they have added features such as chatbots with IVR support, and that their recent acquisitions by Microsoft and IBM will give them a drastic boost to compete against the big players, as these acquisitions will enable integration. He notes that because most big enterprises use IBM or Microsoft products, “an integrated end to end platform will be more appealing as compared to a standalone RPA platform.”

RPA that Bots can run without centralized control?

One of our users wanted to know if there are RPA solutions that can be operated without a centralized control module. Users suggested UiPath, G1ant, WDG and WinAutomation by Softomotive as products that offer decentralized bot management.

Although users offered suggestions of products that have this option, these suggestions came with the caveat that running bots manually or individually comes with risks. Birinder Singh, an RPA solution architect, noted, “Although it is recommended that bots must be centrally monitored and managed for more control, running them without a central module is also possible.” 

Users noted that manually running bots can become labor intensive and time consuming. Manuel Castro, an RPA Manager at a large enterprise Tech Services Company, noted, “If you have tools such as AA or UIPath, you can run bots in your local machine with your developer access. But if the idea is to scale and keep building bots, you are going to be limited with your own infrastructure. You will have your PC busy running bots with no room to develop more solutions.” 

Simon Vasquez noted, “In practice, the technology has developed to satisfy the need of having a centralized environment where they can manage bots from a single point, otherwise, it can become very laborious work to run/stop.” 

Which is the best RPA solution for performance testing automation?

One of our users was looking for recommendations for an RPA solution to automate testing performance. Users gave a range of suggestions for solutions that can be used for performance testing, some of which were not RPA solutions. Product recommendations included CloudQA and Functional Testing Tools such as Selenium, and Tricentis TOSCA.

One user suggested UIPath as an RPA option that is “ the lowest cost, is scalable and easy to develop”. The same user, however, noted that ABBYY Timeline, a process intelligence platform is a more suitable option for measuring efficiencies between workflows.

Another user pointed out that it’s essential to “identify if the process you are trying to automate is financially viable. Many vendors tell you to automate but does it really serve the purpose is the question.”

Thanks, as always, to all the users who are taking the time to ask and answer questions on IT Central Station! 

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