What Real Users are Saying about VMware vSAN – New Reviews for 2017

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IT Central Station community has contributed 41 detailed user reviews of VMware vSAN. They discuss the valuable features of the solution, where they see room for improvement, and other Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions they have previously used. VMware vSAN has an average rating of 8.4 from our Software Defined Storage (SDS) community, and its reviews have been viewed over 29,000 times by our users.

We’ve rounded up new user reviews of VMware vSAN for 2017, to help you in your evaluation of Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions.

Valuable Features

According to Srsytemb55, “The most valuable features are scalability and speed. The ability to throw in extra disks on the fly and extend storage with no limits is very useful.”

Miguel Perez Rodriguez appreciates how “It gets rid of dependencies of expensive SAN storage units which decrease our electricity and cooling expenses in a very drastic way.”

Infrastr581820 is impressed by VMware vSAN’s “Resilience: We tried to break our vSAN PoC instance to test its robustness. We pulled out hard drives while they were being written to and we unplugged server nodes, and we never lost a VM.”

Room for Improvement:

However, Seniorvm581832 notes some areas for improvement:

  • “There could be improvements in the hardware failure and data recovery methods.
  • A control panel for VMs is absent. Although, other vendors are deploying this for each host to provide better storage control.
  • A typical data center for installation of systems requires more storage growth than servers. This limits the scalable features of vSAN.”

Rodriguez agrees, writing “I would like to see faster re-sync and recovery times after a host failure.”

Srsystemb550 would also like to see “A better UI showing actual space used and disk space available. The current output is very deceiving.”

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