The Weekly Roundup: QlikView Reviews

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This week’s roundup zooms in on business intelligence reviews for a solution called QlikView (formerly called QlikTech). QlikView is riding the Big Data wave and is one of the fastest growing BI tools in the market. It competes with Cognos, Tableau, Microstrategy, Spotfire, and other business intelligence tools. There are so many solutions on the market and it’s hard to know which is best for your organization. Today, let’s see what our real users are saying about QlikView.

Here are a few highlights direct from IT Central Station:


  • User ND60SA is a VP of IT at a manufacturing company gives QlikView a 4 star rating, but says one of its limitations is that while “end users can use the product easily, they may need help with data procurement.”
  • Andrew Pandre who is a BI expert at a retailer says Qlikview “can seamlessly connect to multiple data sources together within the same interface.”
  • User Business1535, an industry consultant, says that Qlikview “reporting is quite difficult to get right.”
  • Elizabeth Gray is a project manager at a large local government agency says “Qlikview was a great solution for us based on our requirements. Our business users love it.”
  • Bernhardsmith who is consultant at financial services firm with 5,000+ employees says “Qlikview is a data visualization tool that’s designed to make the creation of ad-hoc reports and dashboards, from existing data, quick and simple.”
  • Ted Cuzzillo, an analyst, says that in Qlikview “users can easily can create or modify a workspace and linking to Excel spreadsheets is easier.”
  • Guillermo Cabiro is R&D Director at tech consulting firm and says “Qlikview has a great interface for regular users (non-experts). It’s very intuitive.”
  • And finally, Lazarmihai who is a project manager at a software R&D company gives QlikView 5 stars saying it is a highly effective management tool with its own built-in ETL engine. It makes it easy for the users to analyze large volume of data.

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