Top 6 Enterprise Content Management Solutions – Q1 2017

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Our users have ranked their solutions according to their valuable features, and have also discussed where they see room for improvement. You can read user reviews for the top 6 Enterprise Content Management solutions here, to help you decide which solution is best for you.

enterprise content management reviews

Users have provided Enterprise Content Management reviews in 2017 to help you with your buying decisions.

#1 SharePoint

SharePoint is ranked as the number one solution in Enterprise Content Management by our users during Q1 2017.

Paula Stewart writes that “When an organization is using Microsoft products already, the integration with the Microsoft Office products and the ability to leverage web-based Office products can transform business processes.

I think there is a great benefit in integrating collaboration, e-mail, document management, workflow, and content management in one product. When I have been in the role of Information Architect, I took advantage of site content, metadata, advanced searches (FAST), web parts and the free applications.”

“SharePoint Designer enables creating workflows easily”, writes Caressa Naidoo. “However, they produce errors at times. There seems to be glitches which require workarounds to sort out. It is an amazing feature to have because workflows can fully automate processes that would otherwise be manual.”

#2 Alfresco

Alfresco is ranked by our users as the number two solution in the category during Q1 2017.

For Alfresco’s valuable features, Martin Bergljung lists: Document Management, Content Model Manager, MS Office integration, Collaboration & Sharing, Workflow, Digital Asset Management, support for standards such as Content Management Interoperability Interface (CMIS).

This Project Manager shares that her tech services company “would like to see improvement in the numbers of documents that can be managed by the repository. We would like them to introduce NoSQL DBMS for modeling metadata and document types.”

#3 IBM FileNet

IT Central Station users rank IBM FileNet as the number three enterprise content management tool of Q1 2017.

This user shares that FileNet’s most valuable features are “the enterprise depth and strength, scalability, integration ability, richness, and functionality; the ability to do a lot of things across the different business units; and integrating with all kinds of solutions. At the same time, I think they did a great job in improving their web clients, such as introducing products like ICN, which is more configurable rather than customizable.”

A Systems Engineer suggests that “It’s a big tool. It’s heavy, really heavy. Because of this, and with it being highly available and robust, it’s not so easy to manage.

It’s not like the new, light technologies. You cannot stop it in seconds, stop and restart it in seconds. That takes minutes. This can be improved, I think.”

#4 Box

Box is ranked as the number three tool of Q1 2017 by our user community.

Tim Bohn explains that “the ease of using Box on multi-platforms, including my phone and tablet, along with the collaboration features means I’ve been able to use it with my family (including my non-tech-savvy parents) for simple sharing, as well as with colleagues for team collaboration.”

An Applications Analyst suggests that “the Search functionality needs to be more robust and behave like Google Search.

I wish that the Box Search functionality would use the machine learning technology found in Google Searching to perform/track user searches.”

#5 Hyland OnBase

IT Central Station users rank Hyland OnBase as the number five enterprise content management tool of Q1 2017.

“I like the flexibility and its modular nature that allows us to create solutions that meet our business needs”, writes Kathleen Niswander.

Niswander explains that “I think of OnBase as a utility player. It’s not built for a specific industry or function. If you are creative and use the myriad of tools, such APIs, and ShareBase, you can support/facilitate almost any business process with it.”

Niswander then adds that “As the system grows in terms of number of modules, features, and functionality, options can be confusing and they can conflict with other options that you enable.

Although it is better than it was, the upgrade process still presents a challenge. Because of the modular nature of this tool, you may need to package multiple installers to complete the upgrade process.”


IBM ECM is ranked by our users as the number six solution of Q1 2017.

One AVP & Director describes how IBM ECM has “helped us standardize our content ingestion piece. We receive anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 documents a day. It’s helped us standardize that process across six different business units.

We’ve seen a reduction of error rates. We’ve seen much easier training on the new platform.”

Joseph Lee writes how he “would like there to be more documentation. A lot of the knowledge that we have gained has been from calling IBM support people, or Googling things on the web and then learning from experiences of other users. I would like there to be more formal IBM documentation.”

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