Virtual User Session Solutions – New User Reviews: Q1 2017

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What do users discuss in their virtual user session reviews in Q1 2017?

What have their experiences been so far this year?

In the excerpts below, users discuss valuable features and room for improvement among the following virtual user session solutions:

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Valuable Features

An Engineering Aide at a government agency with 1,000-5,000 shares that “I only use TeamViewer for troubleshooting methods when the students or staff members are unable to come to the IT desk.”

He then specifies several of TeamViewer’s valuable features:

  • The most important aspect of the software is remote access
  • Helps alleviate confusion with directions over the phone
  • Security: The user can input their credentials, personal information such as usernames, passwords, and secure payment methods without the risk of the IT personnel using it maliciously.

Room for Improvement

This Engineer Aide adds that “Unfortunately, the software is hit or miss when it comes to iOS devices, especially Macs.

It seems that the new updates may have included better iOS supported drivers. However, when we used the software, it only worked a handful of times.”

LogMeIn Pro

Valuable Features

A Director of Information Technology at a manufacturing company with 1,000 – 5,000 employees explains:

“It’s one means for the IT team to address issues that our staff might have. That’s our primary thing; getting to them. Some of them are on the road all the time, so it’s an easy way for us to get to them, and figure out what’s going on.”

Room for Improvement

Having a nice chat window would be ideal”, writes a VP of Enterprise IT at a financial services firm with 1,000-5,000.

He explains that “When using LogMeIn, you need a separate chat window. Also, you cannot talk when the other party is able to see your laptop or vice versa. When you’re really trying to communicate, you’re better off actually typing, “Hey, don’t do that.” “Go here.” Something like that.”

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Valuable Features

“The ability to actually interface with a Windows desktop is valuable”, writes an Enterprise Sales Engineer at a tech company with 51-200 employees.

He then elaborates that Microsoft Remote Desktop Services “makes things easier. The app that they provide you works off Mac and Windows.

Even if I have my instance upon Azure or any other cloud platform, I can just use the normal Desktop Services app to give it an IP, the login credentials, and just log in. It is done very easily.”

Room for Improvement

Prakuti Argawal, a Programmer Analyst at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees discusses the solution’s speed capabilities:

“The speed should be a little more. When you’re pitching from Mac to Windows, it takes a little more time than what is required. It can improve its speed. That’s it. Everything else looks fine. I just started using it a year back, so that is what I can point out right now.”

Bomgar Remote Support

Valuable Features

Dilip Kulkarni, a Senior Professional at a tech company with 1,000-5,000 employees, lists “Non-persistent agent” as Bomgar Remote Support’s most valuable feature.

Kulkarni explains:

“This is the most valuable feature as there is no permanent client agent on the end user’s machine. Support representatives provide the user with a URL and a session key. The user enters the session, during which a small file is installed and then removed completely at the end of the session. It is secure because the company’s network needs to open only port 443.”

Room for Improvement

“I wouldn’t mind seeing this product have the functionality of pushing small software bundles”, writes Dallas Baldwin, Desktop Support Specialist at an educational company or school with 51-200 employees.


Valuable Features

Nicholas Stapley, a Technical Architect Consultant, lists several valuable features in XenApp:

  • Remote access
  • BYOD
  • High performance
  • Feature-rich, full desktop experience

Stapley elaborates that XenApp has not only “enabled remote working from anyplace, anytime, and anywhere”, but has also “simplified, secured, and centralized the challenges of O/S deployment across the enterprise.”

Room for Improvement

Citrix needs to ameliorate their administrative panel and provide a tool to add more control in the user Citrix environment”, writes a System & Network Engineer at a tech company with 1,000-5,000 employees.

ConnectWise Control

Valuable Features

Daniel Mullikin names “The ability to access our servers behind the firewall with granular security” as one of ConnectWise Control’s valuable features.

Mullikin then elaborates on his experience with the product: A new project required a third party consultant to access a pair of our systems and the consultant didn’t have a remote control solution (most have their own). We took a crack at ScreenConnect and we really liked what we saw and how it worked properly.

“A new project required a third party consultant to access a pair of our systems and the consultant didn’t have a remote control solution (most have their own). We took a crack at ScreenConnect and we really liked what we saw and how it worked properly.”

Room for Improvement

Chris Briggs notes: “The only issues I’ve dealt with are display issues when the end user has a dual monitor setup. I haven’t had to address it at all. It was easier to ask the end user to disconnect the second monitor than to call up customer support. I’m sure they’d have a fix I just never got that far.”

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